Indo-Dutch Juxtaposed Graphics

When you think of Indian and Dutch street graphics, I am sure you imagine the two to be poles apart in their form, color, precision and application. While this may be true, suprisingly there are a lot of parallels between Indian and Dutch street graphics as seen below.

indian, dutch, street graphics, graphic design
Both "Fruit" and "Billard" are hand-painted by skilled artists and both signs depict the literal objects they are named after (fruits and billiards). (Left: Delhi; Right: Amsterdam)
indian, dutch, street graphics, graphic design
Here the parallels lie in the fact that both "paneer" and "kaas" mean cheese. Both signs are hand-painted on glass. (Left: Dharamshala; Right: Amsterdam)
indian, dutch, street graphics, graphic design
Despite the similar color palette the contrast between hand painted and digitally rendered is pretty stark. (Left: Varanasi; Right: Highway between Den Haag and Amsterdam)
indian, dutch, street graphics, design, vernacular
Dutch and Indian sign makers. (Left: Amsterdam; Right: Delhi)
india, dutch, visual art, graphics
The graphic on the left is painted on glass and the one on the right is done with stickers cut into type and stuck on glass. (Left: Den Haag; Right: Mumbai)
india, dutch, graphics, street
Hand painted typography for a grocery store and hair dresser. (Left: Amsterdam; Right: Mumbai)

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  1. What if you changed up the pairs? For instance, compare “Clinic and Dental Care” with “Div. Belegde-Broodjes” (both handwritten, both in red). And compare “Boter & Kaashandel” or “Billard” with “Mira Road” (taxi window) — all hand painted, in white, with some stylistic flourishes, on a window. And compare “Fresh Chicken” to “Div. Belegde-Broodjes.” I find it interesting that you did not include any Indian ones that were not hand-painted (ie, like “Keurmerk”) or are the “Kabul, Islamabad” signs not hand-painted?

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