Understanding One’s Culture Through Another: Japan

My third visit to Japan was made possible by the Japan Foundation in September 2013. It was my first visit as a designer and the visit increased my respect and fascination for a country and culture I was already in love with!

What follows is a presentation made to the Japan Foundation on December 18, 2013 —sans the words spoken by me. Will add text as and when possible.

The crux of the entire presentation is how Japan has managed to preserve its cultural heritage while being a completely modern society. As an Asian civilization we have a lot in common with Japan which goes beyond Buddhism.

As an internationalist and lover of culture, I hope to get more opportunities to study the contemporary visual culture of other countries as well as Japan in the future to further my understanding of these countries.

ImageImageImageImage Image ImageImage Image ImageImageImage Image Image Image ImageImage The Hero Image Robots, Artificial Intelligence are also heroic and save the world from disasterImage ImageImage ImageImage Image ImageImage Image     ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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